Up to 50 times faster than conventional systems, whilst simultaneously producing significantly increased levels of accuracy, the MALA Mira utilises revolutionary technological advancements in Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR).

The MALA Geoscience Mira (Mala Imagining Radar Array) system delivers accurate 3D GPR data acquisition, interpretation and recording of below ground infrastructure. As the first commercially available true 3D, multi-channel GPR system in operation in the whole of the UK, we are delighted to be seeing the results of better resolution data, collected quicker and delivering more confidence of accuracy than has ever been seen in our industry previously. A key difference between our single antenna and even other multi-channel systems comes from its unique system design delivering 3D data sets in true ‘real world’ positioning allowing large and intensive areas to be mapped without any loss of information down to depths of around 2.5m.

The system has 9 transmitters and 8 receivers with each receiver collecting radar signals from 2 adjacent transmitters. This allows the MIRA system a total of 16 channels delivering more detailed, in-depth 3D data: this data can be shown as images or interpretation strings and can be integrated into CAD or GIS formats. The MIRA system is also most likely to be able to deliver a target under target scenario. The MIRA system is able to capture large volumes of 3D data vastly more accurately than single channel traditional GPR systems. The data set is positioned using a total station and interpreted and post-processed through unique software. The result is that the depth of targets found will be known along the entire route rather than at grid intervals, thus ensuring greater accuracy of reporting. The data also allows for the dimension modelling of the target - a task that was previously very difficult and unreliable using other systems.