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Case Study - Glasgow Subway

Strathclyde Passenger Transport (SPT) are soon to start using driver-less trains as part of a £200 million-pound modernisation plan. The Glasgow Subway is more than 120-years-old and is the third oldest underground system in the world behind London and Budapest.

To install new train communication and signalling systems, the client required a digital record of the tunnels that they could measure from and use as the basis for a condition report. For which, the Spheron is the perfect tool. This project was a huge opportunity for L&M Survey Services to showcase our Spheron cameras as part of a prestigious, high-profile project.

There were ten surveyors working on the job over a four-week period at night, capturing image-pairs every ten metres for the whole of the 22 km-long network. A coordinated plan of data capture, reporting, data upload and processing was put in place. The data was delivered to the client as a SceneCase for each section, showing all the images alongside an inspection report for each location. Overall, over 4000 32-bit HDR images were recorded, making this easily the biggest Spheron project that L&M have had. So, well done to everyone involved for bringing it all together. The client was very impressed with the quality of the deliverables. They have asked us to return to survey other parts of the network.

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