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Case Study - Leeds Capacity

Another example of a large Spheron survey – several railway lines over 960 m of track at Leeds station. The survey was completed by L&M staff from various offices over a couple of weeks of nights in September. This project was a first for the client and they were keen to see how they could benefit from the use of the new technology.

The project presented plenty of logistical challenges - as the railway environment is known to do – with access often being granted to much less of the site than hoped. However, despite this, the surveyors managed to capture an excellent set of images. The data was presented to the client recently and they were extremely impressed with it. They hope to use Spheron cameras on other projects again in the near future.

This year has seen the number and size of Spheron projects increase dramatically, with L&M using the new technology on some high-profile projects. It shows the growing interest in the technology, especially by trend-setting, large companies such as EDF, SPT, Amey & Network Rail. Hopefully, this is just a glimpse of things to come…

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