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3D Documentation

3D Documentation

Recording what is actually there is a crucial and a commercially valuable part of the life cycle of the plant; in construction, handover, future Facilities Management, and is the crucial part of the B.I.M. process. A problem often ignored until it becomes a major headache at the end of the project, just when the people you need to speak to have moved on to their next project.

3D documentation provides an ongoing record of what is actually built and where, not where the design says should have been. It provides positional accuracy in a real 3D model, descriptive recording and tagging of all structures, pipework and services.

Need the instruction manual? Need the calibration certificate? Need to know exactly where that pipe bend is…? That is 3D documentation.

As-built information can be obtained by simple photogrammetric documentation on site or by laser scanning. But as with most stuff, it’s not how you get it - it is how you use that information is the clever bit. Find-ability and usability.

Ask us how we can help you manage the construction, handover and manage of your project, easily and effectively… and save you thousands.