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Dilapidation & Inspection

A dilapidation survey, sometimes referred to as a structural survey, is an inspection of buildings or structures set for demolition, development, maintenance or construction.

With over 30 years’ experience L&M Survey Services lead the way in Dilapidation & Inspection. By using our fleet of SpheronVR SceneCam cameras and their 32bit HDR capabilities we can offer dilapidation and inspection surveys like no other. With the HDR function the viewer can change the light levels to see details previously hidden in dark shadow or bright areas, meaning that no important information is missed. The HDR can also be utilised to bring light to the darkest of environments, like railway tunnels or building basements.

By quickly capturing stereo images (two images on the same location, at different heights) in the field, the user can then measure dimensions straight from the images within the report, reducing the risks and costs involved with site re-visits.

The data is presented to in a familiar, intuitive format that truly brings an immersive tour of the site to the comfort and safety of your desktop.