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Hydrographical Surveys

Hydrographical Surveys

Hydrographic survey is the science of measurement and description of features which affect maritime navigation, marine construction, dredging, offshore oil exploration/offshore oil drilling and related activities. Strong emphasis is placed on soundings, shorelines, tides, currents, seabed and submerged obstructions that relate to the previously mentioned activities.

L&M Survey Services boast a wealth of experience in the Hydrographic sector with work undertaken across the whole country, and that experience can prove invaluable when the time constraints of the site are an important consideration. We currently employ over 60 fully qualified staff who are based across the United Kingdom. These staff levels across the UK allows us to react to our clients demands and allows the flexibility to work in a location and best meet our clients’ requirements.

L&M are fully aware of the need for Hydrographical Surveys for maritime navigation, marine construction, dredging & the offshore oil industry. As well as large scale Hydrographic Surveys L&M Surveys have a wealth of experience in river section & flood study projects thus can safely cover all of Hydrographic Surveys depending on our clients’ requirements.

L&M Survey Services have provided a hydrographic surveying service to government agencies, port authorities and consulting engineers for many years.

We take great pride in utilising and investing in the latest surveying technology in order to provide the highest quality of data to our clients.

All services provided can be tailored to suit out client’s requirements with varying deliverables depending on the requirements for individual clients.