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B.I.M. / Revit As-Built Modelling

B.I.M. / Revit As-Built Modelling

Building Information Management (BIM) is not just simply about the 3D design model.  It is about collaborating and sharing information across a wide range of disciplines and skills , designers and subcontractors. The management of information throughout the life of the building through feasibility and design, environment and planning through construction, project management and HSE, handover and decommissioning.

Using Spheron’s SceneWorks, their Visual Knowledge BIM portal, anyone can manage ALL the information for any project, from buildings or infrastructure construction, survey date, 3D models and all the essential CAD and Non-CAD information shared in a single data environment by anyone with an internet connection, who can drag and drop a document.

SceneWorks BIM can be placed on the asset owners server or cloud, and managed directly by them, not a third party.

We call it Real BIM

Find out how #realBIM can save your project time, cost and improve site safety